MockOut’s New Top 100 Prospect Rankings from National Mock Drafts

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Mock Draft Contests

We get a lot of questions about the MockOut app and our NFL draft game. The most common questions are not about our Official 2017 NFL Draft Contest or about how we score everyone’s mock drafts. Most people want to know about the reasoning behind our prospect rankings. For example: Why is John Ross ranked so high? And: Why is John Ross ranked so low?

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Derek Whoolery from National Mock Drafts. He’s now the official top 100 prospect ranking provider on the MockOut app.

For those unfamiliar, Derek’s been scouting NFL draft prospects for several years. Like most scouts, he attends the combine, flies around the country to check out prospects, and publishes draft analysis regularly. However, unlike most scouts that rely on their website and Twitter and Facebook to share their ideas, Derek saw an opportunity to think outside the box: on Instagram. Nobody was using it for NFL draft content. But a lot of NFL draft fans used it.

So, Derek started posting his mock draft, prospect rankings, scouting reports, and even trade predictions on Insta. Fans loved it. It caught on. And now, he has tens of thousands of people following his Instagram account.

We’ve been searching for an NFL draft rankings partner for some time now. We’ve had offers from some really smart NFL draft scouts. Many were tempting. But none were quite the right fit. We wanted to find rankings that were credible but also original and based on fresh thinking.

Derek is the real deal. We’re so happy to have him aboard. When you create your mock draft entry for our Official 2017 NFL Mock Draft Contest, you’ll understand why.

(Speaking of, you should enter the contest! Winner gets $200. Runner-up gets $50. So hurry up, because the deadline to enter is the moment Roger Goodell steps on that stage on April 27th.)

To see how Derek ranked the top 100 draft prospects, download the MockOut app now:


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Image source: Sports Illustrated