7 Resources to Prepare You for the 2018 NBA Mock Draft Contests

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Mock Draft Contests, NBA Draft

Since we first launched the MockOut app, and mock draft contests for the NFL Draft, we often get a variation of this comment from users: “I love it…but when are NBA mock draft contests coming?”  

I’m happy to say that the MockOut app will soon add 2018 NBA mock draft games to our offseason fantasy game roster. It’s all part of a major update that’s happening to the MockOut app, which we’ll tell you more about later.

The gameplay for the NBA mock draft contests will be very similar to the NFL Draft version: create a mock draft of the 2018 NBA Draft; submit it to a contest; then on draft day check the leaderboard to see if you won.

If you haven’t experienced what it’s like to build a mock draft and enter it into a contest, all you have to do is download the free MockOut app. Then, when the app udpates with the NBA Draft mock draft contest, you’ll be ready to go.

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While you wait, why not get a headstart on your draft homework? Here are a few places you should check out to prepare for the 2018 NBA Draft.

7. Frankie Vision YouTube Highlight Videos

YouTube has had a substantive evolutionary effect on the NBA Draft experience. Hours after a college basketball game ends, you can find the best highlights from every top NBA Draft prospect. But anyone who’s ever gone on YouTube knows that there’s a lot of garbage out there. Don’t waste your time on amateur vids. Frankie Vision’s YouTube feed is the best in the draft prospect highlight business. They post videos of nearly every relevant NBA Draft prospect. Some NBA Draft purists watch the highlight videos on Frankie Vision before checking out any 2018 NBA Mock Draft, so that when they watch a player’s highlights, they’re not biased by a mock draft’s rankings.

6. Bleacher Report’s 2018 NBA Draft Big Board by Jonathan Wasserman

I’ve come around to Bleacher Report since avoiding it like the plague for years. It felt like the “open mic” of sports analysis, where amateur analysts would provide no insight and repeat the same cliches. But lately I noticed an uptick in the quality of Bleacher Report articles, and I’m now regularly checking Jonathan Wasserman’s 2018 NBA Draft Big Board. He’s a former writer for NBADraft.net and he clearly knows the prospects well. He doesn’t provide that much insight for each prospect; just enough for you to get a sense of who they are and what they can do. If you are brand new to the 2018 NBA Draft scene, I would recommend reading this draft board first.

5. NBADraft.net

A lot has changed since I started following the NBA Draft back in 2001. But the one constant I have kept in my life is that I ALWAYS check where the prospects are ranked on NBADraft.net. The site has been essentially the same for nearly 20 years. But it’s always fairly accurate about the current value of each prospect. This old school html website is still the most aesthetically pleasing mock draft on the web.

4. r/NBA_Draft

The NBA Draft community on Reddit is definitely seasonal; it picks up around February. But it’s also one of the best places to learn and talk about the draft throughout the entire year. It’s where you’ll find out if a player’s stock is rising or falling, and where you’ll learn about an overlooked prospect. It can be a bit messy and some of the comments are more snarky than smart, but like any Reddit community it’s a great place to share your opinion and eat some crow when you’re wrong.

3. Game Theory Podcast with Sam Vecenie

There are a lot of great NBA Draft podcasts, but my favorite by far is Game Theory. Vecenie is a smart scout who’s also a good podcaster. He somehow has the time to record several episodes a week while staying on top of the NBA, college basketball, and prospects that are a few years away from being eligible. (Seriously, he has strong opinions about the point guards in the 2020 NBA Draft.) Vecenie is clearly respected by the scouting community because he often has really well-known scouts on the pod. If you want to stay on top of the NBA Draft, subscribe to this podcast now.

2. The Ringer: NBA Fan’s Guide to the Best Prospects in College Basketball

The primary difference between the NBA and the NFL Drafts is that there are probably only 12 to 15 NBA Draft prospects that will have an actual affect on the league — and that would be considered a strong draft! The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor keeps an updated list of the 12 NBA Draft prospects you should be focused on. It’s a good read for anyone who is starting to follow the draft now.

1. DraftExpress and ESPN Insider Draft Coverage

As a rule, I NEVER recommend content that you have to pay for. But this is the first year that the DraftExpress.com scouts (and those friggin’ awesome scouting videos) will now live behind the ESPN Insider paywall. I buckled and paid for an account. So far, it’s been worth it, even though I haven’t yet seen one of those classic 12-minute DraftExpress scouting breakdown videos. Yet. For years, the DraftExpress scouts gave me free information and basically entertainment and I never paid them a penny. So, this is the year I pay them back. But I also believe I’ll be recouping the cost of the account when I win a MockOut NBA mock draft contest next June.

photo: Jennifer Buchanan, USA TODAY Sports