The 2018 NFL Draft Prospects Your Fantasy Studs Are Crushing On

by | Dec 3, 2017 | NFL Draft

Top Draft Prospects + Wish Fulfillment = Mock Drafts

Scanning the 2018 NFL mock draft landscape, you notice that many fans of teams will stretch and contort themselves (and their mock drafts) to find a way to fit their favorite draft prospect onto their favorite NFL team. It’s only natural. But do you think the fans are the only ones hoping their team drafts that top college prospect? Nope.

You know who else is rooting for their team to draft that certain player? The NFL players who are the backbone of fantasy football rosters everywhere. Their jobs will be made easier, and more importantly, their fantasy stats will soar, if their team can just add that perfect player in the 2018 NFL Draft.

So let’s play matchmaker and speculate about who’s crushing on whom.

The 2018 NFL Draft Prospects Your Fantasy Studs Are Crushing On

Leonard Fournette is crushing on Lamar Jackson, QB Louisville

Rookie RB dynamo Leonard Fournette is carrying the entire Jaguars offense on his mighty strong shoulders. He was drafted to fill this purpose, and so far it has come to be. How much more dangerous would he be as a weapon if literally every- single- running play carried the threat of Lamar Jackson just holding on to the ball and taking off? How does a defense possibly defend a Running Back as powerful as Fournette and a Quarterback as electric as Lamar Jackson at the same time? Many different scouts have many differing opinions on Lamar Jackson, but there’s one young scout named Leonard who sees nothing but the beautiful upside he could bring to Jacksonville. I’ve mocked him here in all my 2018 mock drafts so far, and will continue to do so until someone makes a compelling case for keeping these two lovebirds apart.
Deshaun Watson is crushing on Connor Williams, OT Texas

You know what a young Quarterback like Deshaun Watson hates? When his team trades away his Pro Bowl-caliber, experienced blindside protector. I know, he was holding out, and the Texans had no other choice. But still, it hurts. You know what makes a young Quarterback like Deshaun Watson feel better? When you draft said blindside protector’s replacement in the top-5 of the draft, allowing them to enjoy many years of happiness and grow old together. Connor Williams is the best Tackle prospect to come out in a long time, and the Texans, who have a major vacancy, are well-positioned to draft him.
Mike Evans is crushing on Derrius Guice, RB LSU

Since 2015, Mike Evans has been in the top-10 each year in targets per game, and was tops in the league last season. This, despite the fact that opposing defenses can double team the giant Wide Receiver due to the Buccaneers total lack of an effective running game. Last season, Tampa Bay was in the bottom-10 of rushing yards, and this year they are bottom-5. Then along came a strong, fast, offensive centerpiece named Derrius Guice. All of a sudden, crowded defensive backfields have to creep towards the line of scrimmage to protect against the run. All of a sudden, Mike Evans sees more single coverage. All of a sudden, the offensive burden is shared, and fantasy production can be had via efficiency, instead of being based strictly on volume.
Mitchell Trubisky is crushing on James Washington, WR Oklahoma State

While we’re pairing soon-to-be sophomores with incoming rookies, let’s keep it going by giving Mitchell Trubisky exactly the kind of weapon he needs in Chicago. The problem I had with Trubisky coming out of UNC was that his deep passes tended to float and become jump balls far more often than they were dimes, placed where only the receiver could get it. Trubisky needs an alpha receiver. An Antonio Brown-type. And the closest this draft has to offer is the big-play ball-snatcher from Oklahoma State, James Washington. The Bears are loaded with 6’3″+ WRs who don’t get very much separation. What they need now is that route running dynamo, that jump-ball artist, who can be counted on to create separation, to win 50/50s, and to partner in offensive bliss with Trubisky in this crazy dance known as the NFL.
Odell Beckham Jr. is crushing on Josh Rosen, QB UCLA

There are two paths Odell Beckham’s future can take from here, and we are going to learn a lot about these paths after this weekend. If Geno Smith or Davis Webb show just enough to convince the Giants to stand pat and go into the season without drafting a QB early, Beckham will go down the dark path. Think Houston, before Watson. Think Denver. Dark, dark paths. But! If either or both of these QBs fail to convince ownership that they can replace the two-time Patriot Slayer, then you know that Beckham, who has been accused of being eccentric himself, will have goo-goo eyes for the top QB (and fellow weirdo) Josh Rosen.

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